When traveling, I always look for ways to make images that differ from my everyday work photographs. On this trip around the south of Ireland I chose to utilize an old Yashica D twin lens camera loaded exclusively with Kodak Tri-X 400 film. Tri-X has always been my absolute go-to for black and white photography because of it's wide exposure latitude, conventional grain structure, and it's ability to push process well beyond it's 400 speed rating. My love for medium format film stems from the first year I spent at RCC studying photography where we shot, processed, and printed 120 B&W exclusively. With only 12 shots per roll, one is forced to be patient and precise in all facets of image making. Composition, light, layers, and moments are all still a part of the equation (just like with my professional work) but the process and thoroughness of each image is a delightful change of pace.
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