Well hey there, thank you so much for your interest in my work! If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to fill out the contact form below, or you can always reach me in the following ways:

phone | 843.801.2791
email | dghale@uncg.edu
Dan Hale tells stories through the mediums of animation, film, and photography, and is an Assistant Professor of Animation at UNC Greensboro. Dan holds a BA in Media Studies: Moving Image and Sound Production from UNC Greensboro (2001) and an AAS in Photographic Technology: Photojournalism from Randolph Community College (2005). In 2019, he received an MFA in Digital Production Arts from Clemson University where he was honored with the Ollie Johnson Excellence in Animation Award and was accepted into Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the International Honor Society for Computing and Information Disciplines. Since returning to UNCG in 2020 he has been building the curriculum to form the foundation of the new BFA concentration in Animation in the School of Art that launched in the fall of 2022. His art practice is currently inspired by research into nineteenth-century optical toys, and he is exploring ways to bring digital 3D animation back into physical 3D space to re-establish the visceral connection between the viewer and the images.
Visual artists Vivian Meyer, Spike Lee, Steve Cutts, and Eric Drooker, along with musicians Sam Cooke, Joe Strummer, Boots Riley, and Joan Jett, as well as family, friends, and the person in the supermarket checkout line have all inspired him in ways both large and small. His favorite animation is Tokyo Godfathers...wait, It's Such a Beautiful Day...but WALL-E is also awesome...and Kiki's Delivery Service. Okay, final answer, the Thomas Mann Baynes designed phenakistoscope Cat & Bird.
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