Particle Volcano - Dan Hale

Concept taken from J.R.R Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings

This code contains three major pieces: the particle data structure, the .obj loader, and the .raw file loader.
To make the particles, I begin by creating a data structure that will serve as the basis for all of the particles. I initialized each particle set with a make function, then updated their position and drew them in the display each cycle.  When a particle left the area of view, I had it return to the origin and gave it a new trajectory.  This held true for both sets of particles, the flaming chunks and the smoke.
The .obj loader is one that I built from a previous assignment, but I modified it to accept textures and vector normals as well. This is what was used to load in the Volcano cone itself.
The .raw file loader is one that I saw used in multiple places and allows for the use of masks when disabling DEPTH_TEST. This is what I used to project the images onto the particles, the background, and the little Sam and Frodo card I created and animated across the screen ;)

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